Individuelles Hautcoaching – Wir geben Tipps zum „Glow-Teint“

Individual skin coaching - We give tips for a "glow complexion".

The Saint Charles Cosmothecary team pays attention to individual skin needs during skin coaching. Skin coaching makes sense, especially to identify the current skin needs. These can change with the seasons, changes in living conditions, hormonal fluctuations, etc. Because regardless of the specific skin type, the skin can develop different needs in the course of a year (summer/winter) or in old age, which must be addressed.

Contents of a skin coaching

During the skin coaching, our experienced beauticians take a close look at the skin, paying attention to possible inflammations, dryness, etc. In a conversation, the current care and skin care products are discussed. In a conversation, the current care and also the life circumstances that influence the skin's appearance are asked about. Aholistic view of the topic is particularly important to us.

Switching to natural cosmetics

When switching from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics, it makes sense to have professional support - the skin needs time to adjust to the changed, natural and nourishing care. Detoxifying processes often occur, but they quickly pass after a short period of acclimatisation, revealing naturally radiant skin.

Six "glow" tips - what makes skin glow:

  1. Always use high-quality products: Conventional products can often clog pores. Natural cosmetics contain skin-safe, natural substances that can also be better absorbed by the skin.
  2. Let the skin "breathe" - so do not use make-up as often as possible
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  4. Regular cleansing is the be-all and end-all for beautiful skin: it is essential to always (!) remove make-up
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  6. Use face masks 1-2 times a month: Then it is best to choose a moisturising/cleansing mask, depending on the skin type.
  7. Let the skin breathe at night: We advise against rich care at night, as the skin detoxifies and purifies by itself during sleep.
  8. Don't over-care for the skin: Yes, it can also be too much care! The skin becomes oversaturated by too much care and forms underlays more easily.

Why should I go to skin coaching?

Our beauticians recommend regular Saint Charles skin coaching. The attention to self associated with skin coaching is often an important first step towards change. Within the framework of a suitable treatment, the important basis is created for the skin to be able to breathe again. Often it is prevented from doing so by over-care or non-care. Regardless of life circumstances, young or older skin needs professional cosmetic treatment more often to achieve a fresh, healthy skin appearance.

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