Innersense - Clean Beauty Haarpflege aus Amerika

Innersense - Clean Beauty Hair Care from America

Like all love stories, that of Innersense Organic Beauty began with a fateful encounter: that of two seasoned beauty professionals Joanne and Greg. Joanne's experience as a successful hair stylist and Greg's product knowledge, matured over decades in the beauty business, became the basis for a loving, personal and professional development. Their shared passion for hair, natural beauty and conscious living, the two wanted to manifest with something bigger and more lasting than themselves.

Their love for Mother Nature is the second foundation of Innersense. Innersense believes that our health and our inner and outer beauty are inextricably linked to an appreciation for our environment and for ourselves. With its luxurious Innersense hair care products - based on certified organic botanical ingredients - Innersense aims to celebrate the love of natural beauty.

Inspired by nature, realised by professionals

The highly effective formulas of Innersense's handcrafted products are based on carefully selected and processed plant extracts from certified organic cultivation. They have a balancing effect on the scalp and hair and provide moisture, fullness, health and shine.

  • Innersense uses only sustainably grown ingredients from nature
  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted agricultural sources, only working with growers who are ethically and environmentally conscious
  • Professional formulas for uncompromising product best performance
  • No synthetic ingredients added
  • Mindful and ecological action

Simple and straightforward is also the Innersense production process, where the purest botanicals are sustainably sourced and carefully processed into highly effective hair care. By relying entirely on the purity and power of nature, Innersense is taking responsibility - for the brand, the customers and our world.

In any case, choosing holistic pure hair care is an easy journey with Innersense. The cleansing, care and styling products give your hair healthy radiant strength and vitality - gently and effectively, as only nature can.

Innersense Organic Beauty hair care is available now in the online shop of Saint Charles Apothecary, as well as in our Saint Charles Cosmothecary.

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