Natürliche Haarpflege mit John Masters Organics

Natural hair care with John Masters Organics

Based on many years of experience (since 1994) with luxuriously organic hair and skin care, John Masters Organics inspires its customers worldwide with high-quality and highly effective care products that enhance beauty while taking environmental concerns into account. Their application is as easy and uncomplicated as one is used to from conventional hair and skin care products.

Unlike extraordinarily many other suppliers, however, John Masters Organics consistently refrains from harmful and synthetic chemicals, mineral oils, their derivatives, silicones and buffering agents as well as all harmful and questionable ingredients. Instead, all JMO products are based on very high-quality plant-based active ingredients, such as cold-pressed plant extracts and essential oils that come from certified organic or controlled biological cultivation. This guarantees high-quality organic and thus wonderfully healthy care for hair and skin.

Why hair care with natural cosmetics

Millions of people voluntarily and mostly unknowingly supply their bodies with a considerable amount of toxins several times a day. Many ingredients of conventional cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer, can trigger allergies, disrupt the hormonal and nervous systems and deprive the skin of its ability to regulate itself. Immediate side effects can include: Hair loss, itching, acne, increased sebum production or dehydrated skin. Natural botanical ingredients, unlike synthetically produced ingredients, are skin and hair friendly. Using today's know-how, all John Masters Organics products bring uncompromising peak performance and compatibility, based on certified organic ingredients.

All John Masters Organics products replace synthetic ingredients with:

  • highly effective vegetable oils, waxes and extracts 70-100% certified organic (C.O.S.) or wild-collected - water is not certifiable organic
  • All oils and extracts are cold pressed or steam distilled
  • Carrier substances jojoba, coconut and almond oil and aloe vera
  • Gelforming agents include guar gum (guar seeds), gum arabic (acacia), sclerotium gum (mushrooms)
  • plant-based preservatives including honeysuckle, willow bark, rosemary and sodium benzoate (naturally derived sodium salt)
  • Foaming surfactants derived from coconut oil, among others
  • Emulsifiers Cetearyl alcohol
  • Thickening agent Irish moss (carageenan)
  • Fragrances essential oils, including citrus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint
  • Film-forming agents including wheat amino acids, soy proteins, hyaluronic acid
  • Product colour exclusively natural vegetable dyes

All John Masters Organics botanical raw materials are sourced from fair trade where possible. No animal testing is carried out, including by third parties.

The products of John Masters Organics have already proven themselves many times over in the Saint Charles Cosmothecary and are now also available online in the Saint Charles Premiumshop.

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