L-Lysin – Essenzielle Aminosäure gegen Lippenherpes

L-Lysine - Essential amino acid against cold sores

L-lysine belongs to the group of essential amino acids - those amino acids that are vital for us but which the body cannot produce itself. A sufficient supply of L-lysine is important - especially vegans and competitive athletes should make sure to take in enough of the amino acid. We explain what the essential amino acid is all about, how you can take in L-lysine and how it can provide targeted relief from herpes outbreaks.

In order for the body to function, it needs amino acids like L-lysine. In addition to their building up function for muscles, skin, hair and bones, amino acids also fulfil important tasks in the metabolism. L-lysine plays a particularly important role in wound healing because it is involved in the formation of collagen (building block of connective tissue) and stimulates cell division. A deficiency can lead to reduced enzyme activity, growth disorders and aweakened immune system .

Foods high in L-lysine

Because the organism cannot produce lysine itself, it must take it in through food. The following foods are considered to be particularly rich in L-lysine: pork, beef or tuna, eggs and cheese, legumes such as lentils, as well as soybeans and peanuts. This is why it is important to pay special attention to the L-lysine supply in a strictly vegan diet, but also for competitive athletes. A sufficient supply of L-lysine is important for growth and cell division. Babies, toddlers and adolescents have an increased need for the essential amino acid, and pregnancy and breastfeeding are also characterised by growth phases of the foetus as well as the infant and thus times of increased L-lysine requirements.

L-lysine as an aid for herpes and colds

Lysine is often recommended for herpes. Stress, colds, hormonal fluctuations (menstruation), physical stress, immune deficiency and intense sun exposure (high altitude sun/beach) are considered to trigger herpes and make the viruses active again. Although there are currently only a few studies on the treatment of herpes with L-lysine, doctors assume that lysine displaces the amino acid arginine, which the herpes viruses need to grow. Thus, L-lysine can relieve herpes and its symptoms. According to experts, daily doses of 0.5 and four grams of lysine help to alleviate herpes in acute cases. Furthermore, L-lysine promotes collagen synthesis - a perfect additional benefit with regard to rapid wound healing.

However, the intake of L-lysine can not only help with herpes, but also contributes overall to the strengthening of the immune system. The daily requirement is 38 milligrams of L-lysine per kilogram of body weight.

What are the side effects of lysine?

Lysine can cause side effects if overdosed regularly: In addition to kidney dysfunction, it can cause blood clotting disorders and blood sugar fluctuations, which is why our pharmacists at Saint Charles Apotheke Wien recommend not exceeding the daily requirement of 38 mg per kilogram of body weight on a permanent basis and only taking a higher dosage in acute cases.

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