Frisches Leinöl  - schonend kalt gepresst von der Gilli Mühle

Fresh linseed oil - gently cold pressed by Gilli Mühle

The archway through which you enter Gilli Mill is old. Almost as old as the mill itself. It has been standing in Eggenburg for 460 years and has plenty of stories to tell. For example, old wooden trams and the modern oil press tell of how Georg Gilli breathed life back into it. To produce high-quality oil now, instead of flour as in the past.

80 years after Georg's great-grandfather bought the mill, it shines in new splendour. Here, tradition becomes tangible and history comes alive. The best thing to do is to drop in directly at the Schaumühle, which has the character of a museum; Georg is happy to hear anyone he can tell about the past and rave about tomorrow.


Saint Charles and the Gilli Mill - Preserving the Old, Creating the New

Whoever visits the Saint Charles Pharmacy experiences a pharmacy history carved in wood. The old and the tried and tested are reflected in the large apothecary cabinets dating back to 1886, which can be felt like guardians of the profession as you walk through the pharmacy. Just like the Gilli Mühle family history, which has become stone. Which is as vivid as the vision of the best oil that Georg Gilli presses there today. The 1.5m thick walls of the old mill and the rock on which they were built 460 years ago make it clear: what is produced within these walls has endured.


But it is not only the preservation of the tried and tested that connects Saint Charles with the Gilli Mill. It is the motivation to combine old knowledge with the new in order to preserve the healthy active ingredients of natural products and to achieve the best quality. Where a handshake is still worth something and small manufacturers contribute to regional life, Saint Charles has developed the fresh linseed oil concept with the Gilli Mill, which is now exclusively available at Saint Charles.

Of course in organic quality and grown in the small but fine linseed field of the organic farmer friend just a stone's throw away from the mill. Georg presses the organic fresh linseed oil for Saint Charles himself, of course, and pays particular attention to freshness, quality and - especially important: temperatures - but we'll tell you more about that later.

Careful treatment of nature and the goal of making highly effective products from regional plants - what could better connect the Gilli Mill with Saint Charles?

right to the roots

To the Saint Charles fresh flax oil concept!

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