Gesichtspflege: Die Unterschiede zwischen Männer und Frauenhaut

Facial care: The differences between men's and women's skin

Men often suffer from the same skin problems as women, for example sensitive skin, acne and skin ageing. However, there are also gender-specific differences - we would like to discuss these in our blog article. Men's skin differs in structure and function both in the face and on the body from women's skin and should therefore also be treated differently, because men's skin benefits from specially tailored care that keeps the skin healthy and in top shape.

Testosterone determines the properties of male skin and is responsible for the different structure. Even though every man's skin is different, men's skin is generally on average 0.2 millimetres thicker than women's skin on the face and body. In addition, it ages in a different way, because men's skin contains more collagen and therefore appears firmer and tighter.

But where are the weak points of men's skin?

Men's skin produces twice as much sebum on average, which is why it is also greasier and shinier and more prone to impurities and acne. Dry skin is less common in men than in women. Signs of skin ageing appear later in men, but the changes then occur rapidly. Up to the age of thirty, men's skin is firmer than women's. Men are almost wrinkle-free up to this age, while women show the first signs already in their early 20s. But after 35, men's skin ages faster because the production of new skin cells is slower and the elasticity of the connective tissue also decreases. The ability to bind moisture rapidly diminishes.

In addition, regular shaving puts a lot of stress on men's skin. The skin becomes more sensitive and reacts more quickly. Shaving removes the top layer of skin, leaving immature skin cells, which are particularly sensitive to external influences, on the outside. Up to 40 % of men therefore struggle with skin problems.

Special natural cosmetic care lines for men

Due to these numerous differences, men's skin benefits from specially tailored skin care and from products that are adapted to the specific characteristics of men's skin. Our pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann loves natural cosmetics and is always on the lookout for natural and modern brands that have developed special care lines for men. For him, the choice of natural cosmetics for the skin is quite natural: "It has always been clear to me that I only let 100% natural things touch my skin," says the pharmacist. His latest discoveries in the field of natural cosmetics for men: Green + The Gent and Whamisa.

New in the range:

Green + The Gent: The Munich-based brand offers high-quality and effective men's care for face and body. A care line was developed that fits the lifestyle of the modern gentleman: authentic, masculine, individual and easy to use - but without hidden chemicals. Instead, it uses mostly regional active ingredients and is filled in packaging that is as sustainable as possible. The range includes facial cleanser, toner, moisturiser, shaving oil and a 2in1 shampoo + body wash.

Whamisa: The Korean natural cosmetics brand Whamisa combines nature and science - natural raw materials in organic quality form the basis for the product range. The Korean brand relies on the fermentation of high-quality ingredients - making them more effective and at the same time significantly more absorbent for the skin. Whamisa's men's range includes a face lotion, a toner and a facial cleanser.

Along with the Saint Charles Cosmothecary range are the popular beard care brands from Mr. Natty and Oak, which round off our men's care range. We have also carried the unisex brands Malin + Goetz and Aesop for years, which are also extremely popular with men. Of course, the products are also available in our onlineshop.

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