Magnesiumöl als perfekter Begleiter in der Schwangerschaft

Magnesium oil as the perfect companion during pregnancy

With external magnesium absorption via the skin, a new chapter in magnesium substitution has been opened. Similarly easy to handle as the oral intake of magnesium, the effect is even more reliable and higher when absorbed through the skin. Kathrin from has been working as a midwife for 35 years and has discovered magnesium as the ideal companion during pregnancy. In this guest post, she tells us how she came across magnesium and the success she has had with its use.

Magnesium as an important building block of pregnancy

I am Kathrin and have been working as a midwife for 35 years. A time in which a lot has changed, in which I have learned a lot and am still learning a lot. One of them is the knowledge that magnesium can also be applied to the skin.

Magnesium is an important building block in pregnancy and a mineral that is present in almost every human cell. Pregnant women have an increased need for magnesium, which cannot be covered by food alone. Magnesium deficiency can lead to disturbed sleep, nervousness, inner restlessness and listlessness. Especially during pregnancy, calf cramps occur more often and the growth of the uterus and the pulling of the mother's ligaments can also be perceived as uncomfortable.

Intrigued by the results

Magnesium most commonly comes in tablet or effervescent form and can very often cause diarrhoea (exception: sango coral). A few years ago I read that magnesium can be absorbed very well through the skin. Unfortunately, there are no studies, but I wanted to know if this is really the case and tested it on my clients. I was fascinated by the results.

When calf cramps, painful contractions, headaches and tension in the back occurred, magnesium gel/oil helped fantastically.

At this point, it should be said that the above-mentioned problems should always be presented to a doctor or midwife beforehand in order to rule out abnormalities in the course of pregnancy.

Perfect magnesium gel partner Saint Charles

I have found a perfect partner in Saint Charles, which makes a perfect magnesium gel/oil. I cannot imagine my daily work without their products.

The magnesium gel/oil is simply applied where the discomfort is and it usually works within a very short time. A small disadvantage is that it may have to be washed off again a short time later, as it can cause skin irritation on sensitive skin areas. However, if you apply it really well, it is hardly necessary.

Thus, whether as an oil spray or gel, a perfect companion during pregnancy.

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