Magnesium: Der Stoffwechsel-Manager

Magnesium: The metabolism manager

Magnesium is responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire muscular system. As a vital mineral, it regulates the transmission of stimuli to muscles and nerves and is considered the "most important metabolic manager of our cells". But unlike other substances, such as calcium, our bodies have not learned to store it. In the meantime, chronic magnesium deficiency affects the entire world population.

Our ancestors had less difficulty meeting their magnesium needs: On the one hand, they ate more whole grain products - and magnesium is mainly found in the outer grain hulls. On the other hand, the soils back then were richer in magnesium and not yet so depleted and over-fertilised. Not only that, there are many magnesium robbers lurking in our everyday lives. These include stress and an unhealthy diet with too much sugar and white flour. Too much coffee and alcohol increase the excretion and consumption of magnesium. In addition, taking medication can increase the daily requirement. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency: muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, tingling in the hands and feet, tension in the neck, shoulders and back, migraine, increased blood pressure, twitching of the eyelid, frequent diarrhoea or constipation, lack of energy, rapid exhaustion and loss of concentration, inner restlessness and sleep disorders, to name but a few.

Absorption via the skin

In the case of an acute deficiency, our requirement increases from about 300mg to 600mg and more! However, absorption via the gastrointestinal tract is limited. Magnesium also reaches the cells quickly through the skin. In case of a deficiency, the external application of the arms, legs, abdomen and foot reflex zones can well and sensibly supplement or replace oral intake and effectively and gently compensate for a deficiency.

Magnesium is offered in the form of capsules, but also in the form of magnesium oil, gels or flakes for absorption through the skin.

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