Molke als natürliche Hautpflege in der kalten Jahreszeit

Whey as a natural skin care in the cold season

Whey is often perceived only as a waste product, but it is extremely healthy and can be used excellently for various internal and external applications. Whey is considered an ideal fasting companion and is bursting with minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are good for the body. Today we want to focus on the external use of the sour drink. After all, hardly any organ is as stressed in the fall and winter as the skin. In the cold months, you need to protect it from heat and moisture loss, otherwise inflammation and eczema can occur. Tip: A whey bath regenerates stressed winter skin.

Apply whey externally

Pure acid whey relaxes cracked skin and heals heavily stressed skin on hands, feet and elbows. Even at outdoor temperatures below eight degrees, the skin becomes more sensitive, because at low temperatures it almost completely stops its self-protection, the production of sebum. A natural protective film is no longer present. The skin is susceptible to skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or even neurodermatitis.

Whey is therefore wonderfully suitable for skin care, since the lactic acid contained in the whey corresponds in its chemical composition to the lactic acid, which the human body produces. As a component of the protective acid mantle, lactic acid protects the outer layer of skin from bacteria and germs and helps stabilize the skin's ph balance. For skin problems such as eczema, skin inflammation, acne or psoriasis, but also for cracked skin and even skin abrasions, whey can have a soothing effect and support the healing process. 

Tip: Full bath with whey

According to legend, Cleopatra bathed in it. Regular baths and washes with whey are considered a natural remedy for the skin. A full bath with whey gives the skin the opportunity to let all the good ingredients of whey act in peace. When leaving the tub, you should therefore leave the bath water to act on the skin for a moment, so the active ingredients can be absorbed even better by the skin.

Also helps dry facial skin pure whey. If the skin lacks moisture helps whey undiluted as a toner. Here, simply apply the whey to the skin with a cosmetic pad without washing it off. This whey treatment is also very good as a first aid against mild sunburn.

What actually is whey?

Whey is produced when milk is processed into other products such as cheese, curd or cream cheese. Milk is split into protein mass and remaining liquid, this remaining liquid is called whey.

Whey powder without further additives is wonderfully suitable to have whey for various purposes in stock at home.

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