Naturkosmetik Haarpflege gegen trockenes Haar im Sommer

Natural cosmetics hair care against dry hair in summer

Sun, sand, salt or chlorinated water put a lot of stress on the scalp and hair and make the hair dry, brittle and rough. Help against these stresses: Organic hair care products and extra care to the ends of the hair. We recommend the Lindengloss line by "Less is More", which is the perfect natural summer care thanks to its mild formulation. In this post, we summarise how to get your hair through the hot season with hair care without chemicals and strengthen it.

Hair care before the sun

It is important to prevent drying, potential fading and UV damage. For this, we recommend the 2-phase anti-aging shine spray Lindengloss Finishing Spray, because it smoothes brittle, structurally damaged hair. Spray onto the hair several times in the morning and during the day.

Hair care after bathing

After a day at the pool or sea, the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. The intensively nourishing Lindengloss Shampoo gives stressed and dry hair a new shine and protects it from drying out.

To noticeably improve combability without weighing the hair down, the hair needs a conditioner. The Lindengloss Conditioner smoothes the hair surface and makes stressed hair wonderfully soft and supple.

Extra moisture boost for the hair

Sun-stressed hair is happy about a weekly treatment pack. The Lindengloss Intensive Hair Mask nourishes and moisturises. To use, apply a walnut-sized amount evenly to wet hair and rinse thoroughly after several minutes of exposure.

Less is More products contain high concentrations of natural anti-oxidants as part of virgin, cold-pressed plant oils* and butters* as well as herbal extracts* and essential oils*. They effectively protect your hair from the damage caused by sunlight/UV radiation and the attack of the resulting free radicals, ensuring well-groomed, shiny and supple summer hair.

Do you have any further questions about natural hair care products or are you looking for recommendations? Then visit our beauticians in our Cosmothecary or visit our webshop for more product tips. *certified organic

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