Naturkosmetik Wien | Wiener Marken überzeugen mit innovativen Produkten

Natural Cosmetics Vienna | Viennese brands convince with innovative products

Rose petals and snail slime

In the days of the Austrian monarchy, Emperor Franz Josef relied on a soap made from natural substances, Empress Sissi, on the other hand, loved to bathe in pure whey and Crown Princess Stefanie used a particularly greasy cream for facial care. The times of the monarchy are over - but Viennese natural cosmetics endure and the old recipes of the monarchy are experiencing a kind of renaissance. This was prompted by the book published in 2006 by art historians Sabine Fellner and Katrin Unterreiner, "Rosenblüten und Schneckenschleim" - about beauty care during the Monarchy. Pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann of Saint Charles was commissioned to transform the traditional recipes into modern natural cosmetics. This resulted in the Crown Princess Stefanie hand cream, Sissi's whey bath, Emperor Franz Josef's soap and the Maria Theresa fragrance. Even today, Japanese tourists occasionally arrive at the Saint Charles Apothecary, guided by travel guides to Sissi Naturkosmetik in Gumpendorfer Straße.

Viennese top cosmetics with a focus on nature

Besides this curiosity, the natural cosmetics scene in Vienna has been developing for years and offers lovers of organic and natural products a high-quality innovative range for skin and hair. Among the best-known Viennese manufacturers are Less is More, max and me, Alma Babycare and Lederhaas Cosmetic. They all offer a variety of ways to incorporate nature into cosmetics:

  • Less is more is effective Organic Haircare with a focus on function and aesthetics that pampers hair.
  • The organic beauty manufactory max and me develops enchantingly fine compositions with a focus on the skin to leave it glowing with energy.
  • Behind Alma Babycare is a Viennese family business dedicated to reliable, certified organic care for babies.
  • Nature's fragrance also has a lot to offer: The natural cosmetics brand Lederhaas impresses with exquisite fragrance creations, fair ingredients and precious essences. Founder Wolfgang Lederhaas is an expert in aromatherapy and convinces with his flair for fragrances.

Natural cosmetics line by Saint Charles

In addition to these Viennese natural cosmetics brands, Saint Charles began developing its own natural lineSaint Charles Cosmetics more than ten years ago. Developed by pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann, the line offers products made in the company's own manufactory or pharmacy, with a focus on efficacy. Apotheker Ehrmann had an early interest in natural cosmetics. This made it seem sensible from the outset to use naturally identical products for face and body care.

When creating the formulas, Alexander Ehrmann, all pharmacist, pursues his passion for developing naturally effective cosmetics. Renowned products such as the Saint Charles Apothecary Soap, the Foot Balm, the SOS Balm or the Hand Cream, which are offered under the name Apothecary Series, were specially developed for dedicated indications. For example, the SOS Balm helps with sunburn, while the Apothecary Soap helps to disinfect hands naturally and was created due to the high demand for disinfectants at the time of the bird flu a few years ago. We covered this in the article Saint Charles Apothecary Soap - The Story. But also newer natural cosmetic lines like the Saint Charles Private Blend, which is already used in numerous well-known hotels, or the Herbal Vitalizing Energizer Soul Splash, already belong to the Saint Charles classics.

Natural cosmetics from Vienna, as well as international natural cosmetics manufacturers such as The Organic Pharmacy, RMS Beauty, John Masters Organics, Esse Probiotic Skincare or REN Skincare can be found in Vienna at the Saint Charles Cosmothecary vis a vis the pharmacy in Vienna's Gumpendorfer Straße. And of course in the Online Premiumstore Saint Charles Cosmothecary.

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