Ein Fest für die Sinne: Das Gourmet-Hotel Rote Wand am Arlberg

A feast for the senses: the gourmet hotel Rote Wand am Arlberg

A stay at the Gourmet Hotel Rote Wand am Arlberg is an unforgettable journey into the world of indulgence. The hotel, which is located in the picturesque mountain landscape of Tyrol, not only offers beautiful accommodation and breathtaking nature, but also a top-class culinary experience.

The Walch family welcomes you!

As soon as you arrive at the hotel, you are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere. The Walch family puts a lot of heart into making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. Enjoyment is a priority. The hotel's own restaurant is a true temple for gourmets. The dishes are made from selected regional ingredients, which are processed with great attention to detail to create true culinary delights. A special highlight at the Hotel Rote Wand is the gourmet menu, which promises a true sensory journey. As part of the Friends & Fools event series, you enjoy together and have the opportunity to meet exciting, inspiring people.

Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel

Elegantly furnished rooms with mountain views

The rooms and suites are elegantly furnished and offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Here you can truly relax and unwind. As a partner of the gourmet hotel Rote Wand, we are proud to pamper guests with high-quality, natural Saint Charles care products from the Wild Roots and Private Blend series. A selection of the products is also available in the hotel's own shop.

Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel

Leisure options in the surrounding mountain world

For guests who also want to be active, the hotel offers a wide range of leisure activities in the midst of the Tyrolean mountain landscape. The unique nature of the Alpine world is on the doorstep. Located in Zug am Arlberg, a place that has grown over the centuries to become what it is today. Genuine and unspoilt.

We recommend a visit for anyone looking for a gastronomic experience while enjoying unspoilt nature. Here's to unforgettable moments and a feast for the senses!

Photo Credits: © Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel & West Advertising Agency

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