Der Weg zu einfach schöner Haut - Teil 1

The Way to Simply Beautiful Skin - Part 1

Our skin, the largest organ in terms of surface area, is at the same time a protective shell to the outside, a mirror of our inner self and, above all, an essential part of our personality! For many, blemished skin is a major and annoying issue that can occupy us for a lifetime, even from a young age.

At Saint Charles, we take a holistic approach to skin. Specialists at the Saint Charles pharmacy, beauty experts at the natural cosmetics shop Cosmothecary and beauticians at the cosmetics studio "Hideaway" combine their knowledge to guide you on the path to naturally beautiful skin. In this article we have summarised for you some generally valid advice based on sound theoretical and practical knowledge of our experts.

Our advice from the Saint Charles Pharmacy - Mag. Susi Hofmann, pharmacist and nutrient expert

Many people do not know: The prerequisite for "beautiful skin" is an internal balance with a healthy intestinal flora. Only when this balance prevails can valuable vitamins and trace elements be absorbed by the body via the intestinal flora. However, if the supply through food is not sufficient, food supplements can be used to help.

For dry skin, Susi recommends supplements containing omega fatty acids; for inflammatory skin processes, a good antioxidant mix helps. This reduces any stress factors, which can also have a big influence on the appearance of the skin. Because when the skin cells suffer from oxidative stress, the skin quickly looks sallow and "unrelaxed".

To prevent premature skin ageing, Susi recommends taking vitamin C, as this is essential for collagen formation and thus for the elasticity of the skin.

Our Beauty Expert advice from Saint Charles Cosmothecary - Martina Peischl

Martina strongly advises against over applying make-up to skin blemishes to begin with. Usually, a heavy layer of make-up accentuates the blemishes all the more, especially if the wrong shade is used to cover the make-up. It is recommended to use a foundation that perfectly matches the skin tone and to cover affected areas with antiseptic products.

Next week will see the second part of this series with the do`s and don`t`s to look out for in skincare and exclusive beauty studio advice from our Saint Charles Hideaway. If you have any further questions about your skin, we will be happy to answer them personally at the Saint Charles Apotheke Wien, at the Saint Charles Cosmothecary, as well as at the Saint Charles Hideaway. We look forward to seeing you!

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