Stoffwechsel natürlich anregen - Unsere Fatburner Tipps

Stimulate metabolism naturally - Our fat burner tips

Year after year, summer is approaching sooner than many would like, and so is the question of how to lose weight quickly and easily. There is no magic bullet as a recipe for losing weight, which is why our pharmacists recommend a healthy diet with an adapted lifestyle as a basis. Nevertheless, we have summarised some measures for you that can be easily incorporated into everyday life to boost the metabolism naturally.

Tips for a stimulated metabolism

A ginger shot in the morning on an empty stomach not only ensures a strengthened immune system, but also stimulates digestion and metabolism. Here you can learn how to easily make ginger shots yourself at home. What's more: the recipe also contains the healing spice turmeric, which supports digestion and strengthens intestinal health - so turmeric can help with intestinal disorders and harmonise the metabolism.

The digestive walk does not have its name without reason and works as a home remedy to boost the metabolism. If you are looking for a home remedy to lose weight, daily exercise creates a good basis for a healthier and fitter everyday life. This supports digestion and, according to researchers, lowers blood sugar levels. Are you planning to do more sport and have discovered your passion for it? Then you should definitely pay attention to an optimal nutrient supply.

Linseed oil is considered one of the most effective foods for losing weight. It is able to speed up the metabolism so that fats are burned more easily and energy production can be increased. This is accompanied by an increased oxygen consumption of the cells, which additionally helps to produce more energy and thus also to feel an improved sense of well-being.

Green tea or mate - often contained in fat burner capsules - helps with weight loss due to the catechins it contains, more precisely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The antioxidant is found in the highest concentration in green tea, but also to a lesser extent in black tea. Among other things, EGCG can inhibit the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Likewise, studies show that less fat from food is absorbed through the intestine due to the antioxidant. The healthy bitter substances also inhibit cravings.

Fat burner experience

Our pharmacists at Saint Charles Pharmacy Vienna or Berlin generally advise against fast diets and focus on a holistic approach to sustainable healthy living. If you have any further questions about metabolism and herbs that boost your metabolism naturally, we will be happy to help you at any time with professional advice.

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