Tipps gegen Hautekzeme durch häufiges Händewaschen

Tips against skin eczema through frequent hand washing

Hand hygiene is considered one of the most important infection control measures in everyday life. However, frequent hand washing now leads to more and more people developing itchy hand eczema. Hand disinfection with alcohol-based preparations is "the means of choice", but the alcohol contained often leads to irritated skin or eczema.

We asked the pharmacists at Saint Charles Pharmacy and the beauty experts at Saint Charles Cosmothecary for tips on how to counteract skin eczema.

External use of oil baths as a pharmacy tip

Our pharmacist Susanne Hofmann recommends leaving hand oil baths and packs to work overnight. Ideal for such oil baths is olive oil or also domestic linseed oil. For a homemade hand pack, our pharmacist recommends applying the new Saint Charles Hand Cream thickly, putting on cotton gloves and leaving it on overnight. This allows the active plant ingredients of pansy, lime blossom, wild mallow, lemon balm and yarrow to be absorbed even better.

Regenerating hand cream as a Saint Charles Cosmothecary tip

Our Cosmothecary Beauty Expert Martina recommends the lightweight Hand Cream from ESSE. Containing pro- and prebiotics, the hand cream has a skin-preserving effect thanks to beneficial microbes and is easily absorbed. For acute skin eczema, Martina also suggests the Repair Oil by Esse.

Another hot tip are the products from The Organic Pharmacy. The Skin Rescue Oil or the Ultra Dry Skin Cream are particularly helpful. Both products contain the unique South Sea extract Tamanu, which instantly soothes and protects the skin. Tamanu restores the skin's elasticity, reduces scarring and has a strong overall wound-healing effect.

Special hand care tip from our beautician Diana

Our Hideaway beautician Diana also swears by oil baths. She recommends bathing your hands in lukewarm oil (e.g. olive oil) for 15 minutes. Then apply a soothing mask or a thick hand cream, put on gloves and wrap them in a warm towel. This allows the active ingredients to be absorbed even more intensively by the skin.

Overall, all our experts emphasise to apply a suitable cream thoroughly to the hands after every washing or disinfecting. The above-mentioned care creams and hand masks then help to significantly improve the regeneration of the skin barrier.[/fusion_text].

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