Traditionelle Europäische Heilkunst

Traditional European Medicine

The pharmacy on your doorstep. In nature on our doorstep, we find exactly those plants that do us good.

For many thousands of years, we humans have used the nature that surrounds us not only as food, but also for healing purposes. However, in the past, medicine was mainly used for prevention, because healing under the living conditions of that time was not always easy.

In contrast to Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), much of our indigenous healing knowledge has been forgotten over the past centuries. Today, it is returning to our consciousness under the name "Traditional European Medicine" (TEM) - closely associated with its famous representatives such as Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus or Sebastian Kneipp. The current food trend towards "regional and seasonal" also reflects the fact that what is good for us should ideally come from the nearby natural environment - the plants on our doorstep share the same climate with us, after all.

Until about 1800, traditional herbal medicine was the obligatory basis for all pharmacopoeias in Europe and was primarily based on traditional experience - until the natural sciences spread across the continent. Modern herbal medicine, phytotherapy, combines this ancient healing knowledge with formulations for the demands of modern life. This results in effective plant mixtures that strengthen our bodies.
All meadows and all mats, all mountains and hills are apothecaries. Paracelsus
Saint Charles relies on traditional European medicine and offers many herbal medicines in its pharmacies.

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