Verspannungen lösen: Einfache Tipps fürs Home-Office

Release tension: Simple tips for the home office

Marie Orsini Rosenberg gives lessons on the Alexander Technique at our Saint Charles Complementary. This technique refines self-awareness, helps you cope with tension and stress, and helps you find a balanced posture. The Alexander Technique also helps to reduce posture-related pain such as back or neck pain and tension, which often occurs due to poor posture or a badly set-up workplace, and to increase your general well-being.

For us, she has revealed a few simple tips that we can easily do at home in our home office.

The constructive rest position:

This will help you calm down and give your body a chance to release any excess tension. You will need about 10 minutes to do this; of course, you can lie down for longer if necessary.

  • Lay down on your back on the floor with a mat or blanket as a base.

Place books under your head. Experiment with the height of the books - the neck should feel long and you should not feel any pressure on the larynx. The books support the head so that the neck muscles can relax and the spine can remain in its length. It should feel comfortable and the head should neither be pressed towards the chin nor fall backwards.

  • Bend your legs (knees facing the ceiling) and place your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Mindfully send your knees towards the ceiling. The weight of the legs rests in the feet.
  • The arms rest on the stomach or chest.
  • Leaving your eyes open, think of a soft gaze. You simply perceive what comes into your field of vision.
  • Take time to let your thoughts calm down and enjoy the support of the floor.

If you lie like this for a while, gravity will allow your body to spread out a little more again. However, do not push against the floor under any circumstances. Just let gravity do its work. Allow yourself a little rest.

  • Enjoy the movement of the breath remember that you may now release the throat and the jaw and tongue may also be relaxed. The spine is allowed to expand in length.

When you want to stand up, look in one direction, turn your head in that direction and roll to the side. Then slowly stand up.

What else you can do to avoid tension:

Set an alarm clock and take a short break every 30-40 minutes: walk around, drink water, constructive rest position

The constructive rest position has even more content and will be more effective if you can apply the Alexander Technique. If you are interested, Marie Orsini Rosenberg offers a free online information session. Here you can find out more and ask questions:

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