Wild Roots | Neue Naturkosmetikserie Right to the Roots

Wild Roots | New Natural Cosmetics Series

In the Wild Roots natural cosmetics line, we focus on a particularly popular and aromatic plant - rosemary. Known as the "prince of aromatic plants", the herb was once dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Not least because the scent awakens and sharpens the senses. Above all, however, monks discovered the benefits and wide range of effects of rosemary and ensured its spread.

In addition to rosemary, the Wild Roots fragrance blend, based on the knowledge of traditional European herbalism, also contains orange and a hint of organic lemon. As original as these three ingredients of the plant world seem, they have been combined in a complex and careful way to create a "symphony" of European herbal medicine. Right to the roots: As in the design and appearance of our products, our credo here is not "more" but "better".

The Wild Roots natural cosmetics range is available as shampoo, hand soap, shower gel and body lotion.

Wild Roots Hair Shampoo

The Wild Roots Shampoo captivates with its citrusy fresh scent paired with herbal accents. The formulation is pleasantly mild and intensively cleansing. It is particularly gentle on the scalp and hair.

Wild Roots Shower Gel

A combination of citrusy fresh scent paired with herbal accents is the heart of Wild Roots Shower Gel. The perfect accompaniment for everyday use. Discreet fragrance and pleasant texture allow for extra-gentle cleansing, transforming a daily necessity into a joyous occasion. The fresh skin feeling lingers on for a long time.

Wild Roots Hand Soap

Wild Roots Hand Soap shines with the invigorating Wild Roots fragrance of citrus freshness combined with herbal accents. The pleasantly light texture gently cleanses without drying out the sensitive skin of the hands. Aloe Vera enhances this effect and provides enveloping protection for your hands and lends lasting suppleness.

Wild Roots Hand & Body Lotion

The Wild Roots Hand & Body Lotion convinces with its citrusy fresh scent paired with herbal notes. Shea butter and sunflower oil nourish and soothe the skin. The pleasantly light texture is easy to massage into the skin and is quickly absorbed. Aloe vera enhances this effect and provides enveloping protection for your skin, moisturises and gives lasting suppleness.

The essential oils contained in this fragrance blend are from controlled organic cultivation. Wild Roots is available in sustainable and refillable 300ml recycled PET bottles.

Photo credit: Robin König Media

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