Namasté – Saint Charles Aromatherapie Yoga-Öle

Namasté - Saint Charles Aromatherapy Yoga Oils

Since the beginning of 2018, our Saint Charles yoga mat spray has been a fixed part of the Saint Charles range. How is it that a pharmacy develops yoga products? And how can our knowledge of aromatherapy support your yoga practice? Answers to these questions can be found in this blog article.

We first came into contact with yoga through enthusiastic customers and yogis who became aware of our pharmacy soap in some yoga studios in Vienna. Motivated by this great feedback and the realization that there was no 100% natural, fragrant yoga mat spray yet, we decided to create our own product for yogis: Saint Charles Yoga Mat Spray was born. Only natural essential oils in organic quality are used as fragrance-giving ingredients, which are also recommended in our pharmacies as part of aromatherapy.

In the next step, our proven blends of the Aromatherapy Pharmacy Series enjoyed increasing popularity among yoga studios. Especially in recent years, olfaction and thus the effect of scents on psyche and well-being has been discovered by innovative yogis. The blends Mood Balance, Stress Guard or Five Heroes have long been part of the daily yoga routine for many partners and clients.

Whole Saint Charles oils for yoga practice or everyday life

An even more intense experience is now possible with the new yoga products from Saint Charles. Through the unique combination of essential oil blends in two different scents, the new Saint Charles Yoga products are wonderfully suitable for any kind of meditation and yoga practice. Perfect for everyday use as well, for a greater sense of well-being, or when the mood calls for it.

The Saint Charles Yoga series are based on the knowledge of the holistic power of aromatherapy using naturally pure essential oils. Carefully combined organic oils help relax, balance or activate the body, mind and spirit. The natural oil blends accompany you in your personal yoga and meditation practice as well as in your individual care routine.

The new series includes a Yoga Body Oil with jojoba and argan oil for face or body care, a Yoga Body Spray, which can also be used as a room spray, and a Yoga Perfume Oil, the practical roll-on for targeted application. Each available in two scent and effect variants: Deep Roots and Rising Heart

Deep Roots - lets inner balance enter

The gently combined blend of precious oils such as rosewood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, patchouli and juniper grounds, balances and lets your inner balance sink in.

Deep Roots is perfect for use at the end of yoga or meditation practice (savasana) when unwinding and winding down, or as a harmonizing skin care product in your daily routine.

Rising Heart - lets positive energy flow

The lovingly combined blend of precious oils such as bergamot, mandarin, orange, grapefruit and vanilla extract activates, lets positive energy flow and sharpens concentration and senses.

Rising Hearts is perfect for use at the beginning of yoga or meditation practice, positively affecting your mindful movements (asanas) coordinated to the breath, but can also be used as a care product for a positive well-being after the morning shower.

Namasté - The one hundred percent organic oil blends will be available from September 2019 in our pharmacy in Vienna and Berlin, as well as in selected yoga studios. In the online store of Saint Charles Apothecary, the yoga oils can already be purchased now.

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