Cleansing Cream

Cleansing Cream

Mild cleansing cream for every day

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A mild cleanser for every day. Thoroughly removes make-up, dirt and sebum without drying out the skin. Enzymes and bark extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect and remove dead skin cells. Aloe vera and probiotics moisturise and keep the skin barrier intact.

The effect: a clear, soothed, radiantly beautiful complexion!

Aloe vera, kaolin (white clay), jojoba oil, lactobacillus ferment (probiotic), willow bark extract, papaya extract, apple seed extract, magnolia bark extract, sunflower oil, bromelain (pineapple enzyme), essential oils of grapefruit and sweet orange.
Take a blob of Cleansing Cream with the spatula and massage it thoroughly into dry, unclean skin. Moisten the face with a little lukewarm water, continue to massage briefly and remove thoroughly with water or a Cleansing Cloth.
If you want to use the Cleansing Cream as a mask, leave it on for up to five minutes so that the enzymes can take full effect. As with cleansing, remove with plenty of water and, if necessary, a Cleansing Cloth.


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