Kosmetikpinsel Saint Charles

Kosmetikpinsel Saint Charles

Brush of the extra class

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Fan-shaped cosmetic brush in a class of its own, made of high-quality Tiger-Toray synthetic hair with fine, particularly soft tips. Pleasant to the skin, even wonderfully suitable for sensitive skin. Very good product absorption, high elasticity and shape retention.

Item size approx. 18 cm

  • For applying masks and creams
  • For applying care and cleansing products
  • For applying blush, bronzer or highlighter
  • To dust off loose and excess powder
  • For dusting off excess eye shadow in the lower eye area






The historic Saint Charles Apothecary exists since 1886 in Vienna and is the scientific and ethical backbone of Saint Charles. All Saint Charles products are based on the teachings of Traditional European Medicine (TEM) in combination with the latest findings in naturopathy. In developing them, we pursue our passion for high-quality, sustainable and effective natural remedies and cosmetics.


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