Limited Edition Gesichtswaschcreme Wundklee
Limited Edition Gesichtswaschcreme Wundklee

Limited Edition Gesichtswaschcreme Wundklee

Revitalising cleansing gently refines the complexion

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The face wash cream gives the skin purity and freshness. Gentle cleansing with the face wash cream in the morning and evening is the cleansing basic care for all skin types. It preserves the skin's natural hydrolipid mantle and at the same time prepares it for the next care steps.

The moisturising composition with marigold, camomile, St. John's wort, kidney vetch and almond gently revitalises and clarifies the skin. The skin's pores appear refined. The high-quality medicinal plant extracts can immediately unfold their cleansing and nourishing powers on the basis of the pleasantly creamy almond meal.

Skin texture
For all skin types.

Water, almond flour, extracts of marigold and kidney vetch, alcohol, peanut oil, extracts of camomile and St John's wort, sunflower oil, extract of witch hazel, wheat germ oil, almond oil, essential oils, extract of acerola cherry, xanthan gum, lecithin, alginate.
Moisten the face well with warm water in the morning and evening. Soften 1-2 cm of face wash cream in your hand with water, spread it in both hands and press on, starting at the forehead and working outwards. Avoid the eye area. Moisten your hands again and gently press on the face wash cream. Repeat the process several times. Please do not rub, as this is not a peeling. Then remove the face wash cream with plenty of warm water and finish cleansing with cool water. Only use warm water for sensitive skin.


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