Räucherbündel Kraft und Zuversicht

Räucherbündel Kraft und Zuversicht

The special incense

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Hand-wrapped incense bundle with mugwort, mullein and St. John's wort from mindful wild collection. Gives strength and confidence for new things. Mugwort is considered one of the oldest incense plants in Europe. It cleanses energetically, opens for new things and supports transformation and transitions into new phases of life. When incense is burned with mugwort, a clear, bittersweet and intense fragrance is created. The herbaceous, earthy scents go together in a wonderfully harmonious way with the warm, light scent of mullein, which is reminiscent of the tart sweetness of honey. Mullein gives new energy and is a support in states of exhaustion. It has a balancing effect and provides a certain lightness. St. John's wort rounds off the effect, helps to reduce tension and sends dark, heavy thoughts far away.

St. John's wort, mullein and mugwort
Light the front end of the bundle over the incense bowl until light smoke forms, then blow out the flame. After smoking, extinguish the bundle with the help of sand and store for later use.






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