Räucherbündel Reinigung und Schutz

Räucherbündel Reinigung und Schutz

Purifying incense

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Mugwort, lemon balm and sage from mindful wild collection. Provides cleansing, protection and encouragement for a new beginning. Mugwort, also known as wild wormwood, is considered one of the oldest ritual plants in Europe. It brings body and mind into a harmonious flow. Lemon balm is known for its uplifting and strengthening effect. It offers protection and makes us strong in the face of immune deficiencies of all kinds and delights the mind and heart in equal measure. Sage cleanses and promotes concentration and clarity, protects against negative influences and opens new doors.

Mugwort, lemon balm and sage
Light the front end of the bundle over the incense bowl until light smoke forms, then blow out the flame. After smoking, extinguish the bundle with the help of sand and store for later use.






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Our aromatherapy range has been developed by our pharmacists at Saint Charles Apotheke Vienna. It includes essential oils of the highest organic quality, blends as well as diffusers.

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A fragrance says more than 1,000 words - because smells form an important basis of communication. Smelling was and is immensely important for our lives. The human sense of smell has a particularly fast and direct connection to the brain. In particular to the limbic system, which primarily controls unconscious actions and serves to process feelings. This olfactory memory allows us to remember exactly what it smelled like in grandma's kitchen at Christmas - or on our first holiday in the alpine region - even decades later. If pleasant feelings are associated with a certain smell, we can trigger a feeling of well-being again by using this scent in a targeted way.


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