The way to sensuality, Eros, creativity

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SEX IN A BOTTLE unites both the feminine and the masculine in every person. The warm, sensual elixir awakens longings, lust and creativity in both the wearer and those who encounter him/her. SEX IN A BOTTLE acts as an aphrodisiac and awakens the longings of our subconscious.

The formula of SEX IN A BOTTLE is deliberately purist and breaks with convention. Its character corresponds to modern art and opens up a variety of interpretations. This fragrance was deliberately created without top, heart and base notes. Instead, seven rare ingredients open up the connection to the sacral chakra. Beguilingly captivating nuances of ylang ylang merge with sandalwood and resinous labdanum to express an androgynous sensuality that translates pulsating attraction, enigmatic depth and glowing emotion into the language of this special fragrance.

  • Where it works: Sacral Chakra - Svadisthana. "The lovely seat of the self" rests between the navel and pelvic bone.
  • Element: Water
  • Fragrance family: Woody floral oriental - sensual, imaginative, aphrodisiac


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