Saint Charles Complementary

The SAINT CHARLES Complementary range is as varied as the human being.

The Complementary understands itself as a holistic centre for health and refers to an interdisciplinary offer of methods from traditional European and Chinese medicine (TEM, TCM, massage), the practices of mindfulness (meditation, Qigong, Yoga) and the field of psychotherapy.

Our program consists of holistic courses, individual sessions and workshops. Visitors have the unique opportunity to experience their mental and physical self with a high potential for personal development.

This way for the therapists.

We are currently looking for first-class therapists from the following fields

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Traditional European Medicine
  • Nutritional advice according to 5 elements
  • Herbalism

It is also possible to rent our rooms for half-day treatments and (weekend) seminars. Please send us your enquiries regarding room rental and conception:

Phone: +43 676 6303848

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