Saint Charles Hideaway

Attached to the SAINT CHARLES Cosmothecary is our little hideout, the SAINT CHARLES Hideaway.

This is where “beauty” is applied. The treatments in SAINT CHARLES Hideaway are based on a lifestyle orientation of health and sustainability. Right to the roots. In our cosmetic and full body treatments we deliberately refrain from using conventional, petrochemical cosmetic products and instead exclusively use products of exemplary, purely organic quality.

Our professionally tested and certified Dr. Hauschka cosmetician, Diana Gajic offers soothing Dr. Hauschka cosmetic treatments as well as REN Organic High-Tech Skincare and Max and me treatments. Exclusively in Vienna, AMALA Spa body and face treatments as well as skin firming and detoxifying, intensive connective tissue massage. From oranges to peaches! Particularly effective in connection with thermoactive aroma wraps.

After a long spell abroad, Beatrice Solymosi returned to Vienna, armed with much life and work “knowledge” and is looking forward to welcoming you back to the Saint Charles Hideaway! Spoil yourself with a very special time out! Beatrice Solymosi is a professionally tested and certified Dr. Hauschka cosmetician and offers treatments here at the Saint Charles Hideaway, from Dr.Hauschka, Max and me, The Organic Pharmacy and Esse. All this pampering will leave your skin glowing radiantly and your body deeply relaxed.

Our professionally certified beautician Nienke Kerstholt completed her apprenticeship as a certified Weleda beautician in Holland. In addition to The Organic Pharmacy luxury treatments, Santa Verde Green Spa treatments and classic Weleda treatments, she also offers Weleda Mami treatments. Over four sessions Nienke Kerstholt addresses the specific needs of mothers-to-be during the different phases of their pregnancies. This has a relaxing effect on both the mummy and the child and also works as a de-stresser and decongestant. All treatments are performed on a warm water pillow. The Weleda Mama treatments are either available individually or as a course of four, and of course, also as vouchers. Nienke has just become a mum herself and is enjoying the magical time with her daughter!