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SAINT CHARLES Apothecary Soap | The Story

Can a soap become a cult object? Can an epidemic create something new and better? We started to prove it. Unintentionally. And are amazed. But everything in order!

How flu changes lives

In 2008, bird flu reached its peak in Austria. Panic spread through the population. Droves of people stormed the pharmacies in search of an effective remedy to arm themselves against the dangerous flu. Since viruses can be transmitted very easily by touch, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann came up with the idea of composing his own soap, which fights germs in a natural way. Until then, such strong soaps, mostly chemical in nature, were only known as "doctor's soaps". Alexander Ehrmann, however, wanted to create his own, absolutely natural product for the Saint Charles Apothecary and followed - once again - his passion to develop highly effective, natural products for everyday use. This is how the SAINT CHARLES Apothecary Soap was born.

Cleansing with nature

In the search for natural substances with germ-killing potential, a wide variety of herbs were then analysed for their effect. Only the most effective ones were used to create a unique blend. The essential oils of thyme and clove play a central role. Studies show that these oils are able to neutralise a very broad spectrum of bacteria within a short time. A return to the power and complexity of nature, which is able to successfully compete against equally complex strains of bacteria. Plants that have survived through adaptation over millions of years in some cases.

It's been a few years now since bird flu and awareness of the need for disinfectants to protect against bacteria is still on everyone's lips. Only frequent hand washing and regular cleaning of hands and rooms can effectively prevent dangerous strains of bacteria.

Can it all be coincidence?

The scent? At first, it just came about by chance. The interplay of moisturising organic aloe vera fresh juice and organic essential oils, such as thyme and clove, led to a unique fragrance experience. A few years later, the natural scents were refined by the Viennese perfumer Lederhaas, who, as an aroma expert, put the finishing touches on the apothecary soap.

The end of the story?

Soon, Apothekerseife as a hand soap was one of the most popular products among our customers in the pharmacies in Vienna and Berlin. And it was very soon discovered by friends of the Saint Charles family outside the pharmacy. Today, it is impossible to imagine the washrooms of selected restaurants without it, such as Eselböck's Taubenkobel, Joseph Brot or many other trendy Viennese restaurants such as Mochi, EF16 or UNGER und KLEIN. And she looks into the distance... such as in architects' offices, advertising agencies or doctors' surgeries... or to the Deantnerin - a special-class ski lodge on the Hochkönig - where the down-to-earth pharmacist's soap seems to feel quite at home. And we are sure: this is far from the end of the story.

Apothecary soap is also available with the Apothecary Spray. This natural and cleansing hand spray is equally popular as a refreshment in the handbags of many ladies. Natural, refreshing fragrance paired with natural, cleansing substances. What could be more convincing for the ladies...?

The apothecary soap and the apothecary spray in different sizes are available from selected partners and in the Saint Charles pharmacies Vienna and Berlin, as well as in the Saint Charles Premium Onlinestore.

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