Aroma Yoga: Saint Charles x Lotuscrafts

Aroma Yoga: Saint Charles x Lotuscrafts

Essential oils have been recognised for centuries as gentle sources of relaxation, balance and harmony. Anyone who has breathed in the refreshing air of a forest or savoured the delicate, floral scent of roses can attest to the healing effects of natural fragrances on our well-being. Together with Lotuscrafts, the provider of yoga and meditation accessories, we have utilised this knowledge and created our own meditation spray. Our joint co-operation stands for natural ingredients and sustainable production processes to create products that support your well-being.

Yoga, meditation and essential oils

Fragrances help us to deepen relaxation and let go during yoga. However, they can also have an activating effect, provide new energy or lift the mood.

Saint Charles and Lotuscrafts have collaborated to create an aromatic room spray that creates an oasis of calm and relaxation. This carefully composed spray combines essential oils and natural extracts that aim to harmonise and soothe body, mind and soul. The room spray, enriched with organic aromas such as lavender, frankincense and ylang-ylang, is not just a fragrance, but a source of inspiration. It promotes a clear and balanced atmosphere that enhances the depth of meditation and increases well-being.

How do you use aromatic oils in yoga?

The valuable essences can be easily integrated into the yoga practice. However, it is important to ensure that pure essential oils are always diluted (e.g. with Mandelöl Bio) before applying them to the skin.

Before starting your yoga or meditation practice, it helps to take a moment of mindfulness and sharpen your senses with a gentle fragrance. Apply 1-3 drops of an essential oil to the palm of your hand. Spread the oil over both palms with loving strokes, form a gentle bowl with your hands and hold it in front of your face.

Take 3-5 deep breaths to fully absorb the fragrance and feel its calming effect.

The essential oil can also be applied selectively to the body, for example to the wrists, shoulders, neck or feet. In this way, the soothing fragrance lingers throughout the entire practice and supports well-being.

Which essential oils for yoga?

  • Lavender Bio gently calms the soul and envelops you in a feeling of inner peace.
  • Tree scents such as Fichte Bio, Kiefernadel Bio or Wacholder Bio enrich the respiratory tract, focus the mind and promote mental clarity.
  • Citrus scents such as Zitrone Bio, Orange Bio or Bergamotte Bio revitalise and refresh the senses and bring a relaxing freshness.
  • Floral fragrances such as rose or jasmine create a sensual atmosphere that exudes harmony and promotes a feeling of security.

The meditation spray's unique blend of lavender, ylang-ylang and frankincense is ideal for meditation and is available exclusively in the Saint Charles and Lotuscrafts online shop and stores. Many other 100% natural essential oils in organic quality can be found in the online shop and in the Saint Charles stores and pharmacies.

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Aroma Yoga: Saint Charles x Lotuscrafts

Essential oils have been recognised for centuries as gentle sources of relaxation, balance and harmony. Anyone who has breathed in more

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