Saint Charles Herbal Essences – Traditional Herbal Recipes

Saint Charles Herbal Essences – Traditional Herbal Recipes

The Traditional European Medicine (TEM) has been dealing with proven methods of herbal medicine for centuries. One of its most important representatives in Europe is the physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541), who wrote comprehensive medical writings on the preparation of plant extracts. The aim of so-called spagyric, a process whose roots can also be found in Paracelsus, was and is to make maximum and holistic use of the known healing powers of the European plant world.

The body, mind and soul of plants

While known processes such as distillation or extraction each use a specific method for extracting the plant's active ingredients, spagyric uses a complex and multi-step process to extract as much of the totality of the plant's active ingredients as possible. This includes not only the material (called SAL), but also the soul (called SULFUR) and the spiritual (called MERCURUIS) level. In accordance with the approach of viewing the body, mind and soul of the human being holistically.

The plants are fermented and distilled in a complex process. The residues are then dried and burnt to ash, yielding valuable minerals in the form of quartz, which are combined with the distilled liquid again and dissolved there. After several weeks of maturation, the final product is a concentrated herbal essence. For more on spagyric, see the report Spagyric - a traditional healing art.

Saint Charles Herbal Essences

With Saint Charles Herbal Essences, this traditional knowledge has been taken up and combinedwith modern knowledge of plant extraction. Several plants are combined in one formula (complex) to achieve the most compact effect possible. Most of the herbs used grow in the midst of the Bregenzerwald mountains and are carefully harvested by hand and freshly processed there.

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