Hotel Stein Salzburg – Aufenthalt zum Wohlfühlen im 4 Sterne Lifestyle Hotel

Hotel Stein Salzburg - feel-good stay at the 4-star lifestyle hotel

Opposite Salzburg's popular city centre, located on the right-hand side of the Salzach, you pass the legendary Lifestyle Hotel Stein on your way into the city centre. Entering the lobby, you are greeted by generous design and skilfully placed accents in the entrance area with our Saint Charles Wild Roots Hand Spray for hand cleansing.

The friendly staff at the reception immediately hand the stressed guest a pleasantly warmed towel to start their stay in a relaxed manner. The 56 rooms of the 4-star hotel can be reached via a staircase railing decorated with Venetian glass art by Barovier & Toso (for those who like it sporty) or comfortably by lift. All in all, in several areas of the hotel you can admire specially made lamps and glass artworks by Barovier & Toso. Each one is unique, handmade in the traditional Venetian glass manufactory.

Upon entering the suites, the spacious room layout immediately catches the eye. The combination of design, art and lifestyle also plays a role here. Skilfully coordinated colours in shades of blue, pink and yellow add romantic, playful accents to the otherwise modern interior. When you take the obligatory look into the bathroom, it also impresses with its generosity and care products from the Saint Charles Wild Roots series. As soon as you enter, you look forward to an evening shower with Wild Roots Shower Gel under the rain shower head.

If you then dare to look out of the window, you are literally dazzled by the views of the Salzburg panorama. I feel comfortable here, I like to stay here.

Breakfast with a view of the cathedral

No stay at Hotel Stein should be without a visit to the legendary roof terrace. Optimal if you can combine this event with a rich breakfast. As soon as you open the lift doors, you will be enthralled once again by the dreamy view around Salzburg. Here, if the temperatures permit, you can either enjoy your breakfast directly outside or in the equally styled restaurant area. The breakfast buffet offers everything your heart desires. Coffee and eggs are freshly prepared. The ingredients seem to be carefully selected, with more emphasis on quality than quantity. All in all, the stay comes to an end. After breakfast, you leave the roof terrace satisfied and let yourself be enchanted by the Salzburg skyline for the last time.

I say goodbye quietly - but there was something else!

During the stay, selected guests are provided with a "care package". It includes 2 bottles of water, chocolates and, how could it be otherwise, our Wild Roots Hand Spray. As a memento of the visit to Hotel Stein, chocolates, teas or the Saint Charles products can be bought in our own Hotel Stein Concept Store and taken home as a souvenir.

One more reason to combine your next visit to Salzburg with Hotel Stein is the imminent opening of a Saint Charles store in Salzburg city centre in early summer 2022. More on this shortly. Stay tuned.

Bilder: © Marco Riebler

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