Hotel Zola x Saint Charles: eine Symphonie aus Natur, Design und Kunsthandwerk

Hotel Zola x Saint Charles: a symphony of nature, design and craftsmanship

The Hotel Zola "Palais de Bohème" is a "laidback luxury boutique hotel" in Vienna's up-and-coming second district, which invites its guests on an incomparable journey. Saint Charles and the Zola fuse the symbolism of nature with contemporary design.

Developed along the lines of international "new-wave design hotels", the Zola - Palais de Bohéme is intended to bridge the gap between Vienna and metropolises such as Paris and London. At the heart of the city palace are four suites whose design is inspired by the works of the world-famous French writer Emile Zola. All room categories at the Zola have been thoughtfully designed with the character-building feature of an avant-garde, nature-inspired appearance. Each of the rooms has a distinct residential character and serves as a canvas for specially designed furnishings. Saint Charles shares a passion for art and individual craftsmanship. High comfort, spacious rooms and exquisite furnishings also meet a down-to-earth mentality here, which is intended to clearly differentiate the hotel concept from pure luxury hotels.

Wild Roots at Hotel Zola

Those who pay a visit to the Zola will find the Saint Charles care series Wild Roots as part of the furnishings. Right to the roots: Based on the knowledge of traditional European herbalism, the natural cosmetics series "Wild Roots" uses original ingredients from native/natural plants. The purest essential oils of rosemary, orange and a hint of lemon in organic quality are carefully combined to create a perfect/harmonious symphony. The series consists of hand soap, hand & body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand spray, bath salts, room diffuser and the refill for it.

Tip: The basement and the hotel garden set the stage for the restaurant concept "ZAZATAM", "casual fine dining" with international avant-garde cuisine and an atmospheric ambience. When staying at the Hotel Zola, we recommend a visit to the Saint Charles Store at Herrengasse 6-8 in Vienna - a place of well-being and enjoyment that appeals to all the senses and makes products from nature tangible.

Picture (above): f.l.t.r. Richard König (Saint Charles Co-Founder & Managing Director), Michael Alaev (Zola Hotel Manager)

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