Saint Charles Herbal Treatments - Ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden

Saint Charles Herbal Treatments - Holistic Wellbeing

It is no secret that we have shifted to Traditional European Medicine. Based on this philosophy, which sees the human being not in isolation but as part of nature, we offer an exceptional, holistic concept of face and body treatments - the Saint Charles Herbal Treatments.

All treatments are carried out using the purest, highly effective products from the Natural Cosmetics line.

All treatments are carried out with the purest, highly effective products from the natural cosmetics line "Herbal Apothecary Facecare". We rely exclusively on proven formulas with natural active ingredients from herbs such as yarrow, wild mallow, pansies, lemon balm and lime blossom. Due to the effectiveness of these European medicinal herbs, which was discovered centuries ago, the Herbal Apothecary series achieves a balancing effect for all skin and age groups. The skin gets the impulse to regulate itself and regain its balance.

Natural Cosmetic Treatments Vienna

Skin beauty viewed holistically

According to the healing knowledge of Traditional European Medicine, we take a holistic view of skin beauty. Saint Charles Herbal Treatments have the overarching goal of uniting body, mind and spirit and bringing back into balance what has become unbalanced. In addition to traditional massage techniques, the treatment is complemented with other products such as Saint Charles Herbal Teas, Saint Charles Herbal Essences and Saint Charles Aromatherapy. If you wish, you can also visit the Saint Charles Apotheke Wien for advice on optimal nutrient supply, intestinal health, sleep/stress, etc.

The Saint Charles treatments aim at a deep, holistic well-being and are characterised by special rituals. The focus is on the herbal world. The customer is addressed with all their senses - they taste the herbs in the tea, smell them, breathe them and feel the effects on their skin, accompanied by gentle sounds from nature.

Four individual treatment options

The Saint Charles Beauty Experts focus on the individual and fluctuations in the skin's appearance and specific life circumstances. The aim is to restore the skin to its original balance and radiance. Through complementary, holistic advice, personal responsibility for a natural, healthy and beautiful skin appearance and comprehensive well-being is strengthened. 

Facial treatments are offered in four different variations: 

Herbal Cleansing Treatment: here the focus is on gentle but effective cleansing and clarification of the skin. The skin's natural balance and radiance is restored. 
Herbal Balancing Treatment: gently restores balance to the skin and provides a holistic sense of well-being. Ideal for balancing dry skin or other imbalances.
Herbal Refresh Treatment: here it's all about noticeably regenerating and revitalising the skin and mind. The Herbal Refresh Ritual revitalises with a special massage technique and intensively nourishing face and eye mask.
Herbal Relaxing Treatment: Relaxation and pampering of the skin and mind, inner calming and consequently relaxation of the facial muscles are the focus of this treatment.


Natural Cosmetic Treatments Vienna 

All Saint Charles Natural Cosmetics Facials can be experienced exclusively at the Saint Charles Hideaway in Vienna, as well as at the two Loisium Wine & Spa Hotels in Langenlois and Ehrenhausen. Soon we will also be offering our treatments in Berlin. Curious? Here you can get an exclusive insight into our Herbal Treatments. 

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