Propolis Bienenkittharz - Anwendung & Wirkung

Propolis bee kit resin - application & effect

In the natural plant and animal world, there are numerous amazing self-regulatory and protective processes that are also valuable and instructive for us humans. The knowledge about bees, their way of life and the healing effects of their products is closely linked to the history of mankind. Almost every culture has passed down a deep reverence for bees, for example the culture of the ancient Greeks.

Propolis - the natural antibiotic of bees

As already described in detail in our story What is propolis?, propolis consists of resin from buds, leaves and tree bark of the local tree population. It is also called kit resin because it is used by bees to cover cracks and holes in the hive. Propolis keeps the hive germ-free, comparable to an operating theatre. Propolis is obtained by the beekeeper with a so-called propolis grid, which is hung in the hive.

  • Propolis is one of the most effective natural antibiotics and has an antibacterial and antiviral effect.
  • Propolis is used wherever it is necessary to combat infectious diseases caused by viruses.
  • The range extends from herpes, flu-like infections to diseases of the throat, mouth and pharynx to the alleviation of skin diseases.

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