Raunächte – Richtig räuchern zwischen den Jahren

Raunächte - Proper incense between the years

The Raunächte, twelve nights around Christmas until the turn of the year, are particularly suitable for a review and good resolutions. A cleansing office and living room smoking should begin in the kitchen, from there through all rooms and, in larger houses, starting from the cellar through all floors. The smoke is fanned from the bottom upwards, where it has time to work in the rooms for two to three hours or overnight if possible. After a final round around the house, the remains can be smoked out on the balcony or in the garden. The following incense rituals are particularly effective during the Raunächte:

21-23 Dec: Cleansing

These days are all about ending and letting go. Now a cleansing mixture can be smoked through each room from top to bottom and anti-clockwise to make room for the new. The sacred wood"Palo Santo" and the mysterious "Rauhnacht" - mixture are well suited for this. Ventilate well afterwards.

24-30 Dec: Harmonise

For the festival of love and family, harmony-promoting fragrances are particularly suitable. The anti-stress remedy incense now opens the mind and has a brightening effect on the mood. Incense burning with an incense blend is therefore a good preparation for a successful, contemplative and peaceful celebration with the family.

31.12./1.1.: Realign

Everything is in upheaval, an exciting time for oracles. What longings and wishes are finally to be fulfilled in the coming year? And what are we grateful for, which people and events have made us happy this year? To ensure that everything beautiful remains in the future, the infinity symbol, the 8 loop, is now applied when incense is burned.

2-6.1: Energising

At the end of the Raunächte, according to legend, the "wild Percht" goes around. Whether we burn incense in honour of this winter goddess, also known as "Frau Holle", or for the Three Wise Men, incense blends such as "Trimurti" now help to build up protective energy for the new year.

Learn more about incense and the power of incense here.

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