Ein Refugium für alle Sinne

A refuge for all senses

A special kind of refuge has recently opened in Lunz am See. In 2.5 years of construction, the Viennese Formdepot team around Heinz Glatzl & Joachim Mayr completely revitalised a former carriage house in the centre of Lunz am See in Lower Austria and transformed it into a unique hotel - the "Refugium Lunz am See. The clear mission was to preserve old elements of the house, to revive them and to combine them with new, modern elements. Anyone who knows the Formdepot knows that planning, design and quality craftsmanship are combined here at the highest level - with great members on board. The result is an all-round masterpiece - a place of well-being and pure enjoyment for all the senses.

Nature helps you feel like a human being

Nature is omnipresent in Lunz am See, lush green and still pristine. Everywhere in the house there are completely new views of the magnificent surroundings, always accompanied by the powerful sound of the nearby Ybbs. This makes the refuge a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Nature helps you to feel yourself as a human being and to find your strength. The hotel is therefore a perfect retreat for all those who are looking for something special and appreciate the beauty of nature.

An experience for guests

The Refugium Lunz creates space for new discoveries. Guests experience a unique diversity of high-quality materials from nature, which have been processed with craftsmanship and passion. The attention to detail can be felt in every room and creates an atmosphere in which one feels at home. This is also ensured by hotel manager Fanny Metzger and her husband Christian Metzger, who provides a festival for the palate in the hotel's own restaurant.

Saint Charles on bord

With the love of nature, sustainability and design, many parallels have already been found between the Refugium Lunz and Saint Charles. First and foremost is the passion for doing. We are proud to be on board with a selection of our Saint Charles products to ensure a harmonious experience. From the natural care products in the room, to fragrant sauna oils and the yoga series Rising Heart and Deep Roots in the sauna house, to the apothecary spray for pleasant hand cleansing at the reception. With a discreet but refreshing room fragrance, guests are immersed in a small world of well-being as soon as they enter the lobby. So that the feeling of time-out and relaxation can also be taken home, the products are also available for purchase in the charming hotel shop. And you are sure to remember the pleasant scent when you enter the refuge.

"Exceptional projects like this are the purest joy for us. We speak the same language, share the same values. The awareness of sustainability and environmental consciousness is conveyed in the Refugium Lunz through the use of ecological materials and the processing of old stock. This creates a special connection between the guests and the nature they are in. We are proud that our products fit in wonderfully and are part of the harmonious whole". (Richard König, Managing Director Saint Charles)

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