Schafgarbe – Der wundheilende Allrounder

Yarrow - The wound-healing all-rounder

Yarrow was named medicinal plant of the year in 2004 - because this herb has it all. Few medicinal plants are as extensively effective as yarrow as a medicinal and useful plant. Even in ancient times yarrow was known as a special women's healing herb. The active ingredients of yarrow can develop their healthy powers in teas, ointments or tinctures and act, for example, anti-inflammatory.

Healing applications are the main area of yarrow. Here, the whole herb (flower, leaves, stems) is used, it has the most active ingredients at the main flowering time in summer at midday. For medicinal purposes, yarrow tea is often prepared with dry or fresh herb. Yarrow contains tannins, bitter and mucilage, vitamins and minerals such as potassium and copper, among others. Thus, it has wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

External use of yarrow

Not only in the internal area, yarrow is considered an excellent herb. Its external use is also particularly helpful for inflamed skin or mucous membrane diseases, as well as for skin problems and wound treatment. Externally, the herb can be boiled briefly in water and then placed on wounds or inflamed skin areas. In wartime, yarrow was considered especially important for initial wound care.

For oily or impureskin it is recommended to make a face pack from compresses soaked in tea and put on the skin. Likewise, a steam bath helps here. For wounds, eczema, excessive sweating and hair loss, an oil extract with yarrow flowers can help. Thanks to its circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, yarrow is a frequently used ingredient in ointments and creams. A yarrow ointment is very easy to apply and helps with inflammation, eczema and acne. The flavonoids it contains support the self-healing of skin cells.

The right dose makes the poison

Yarrow is a very effective medicinal plant that heals wounds in the right dose. Allergic reactions can never be ruled out with yarrow, however. In the case of yarrow, they manifest themselves on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to drip some plant juice on the skin and wait for a short time. If an allergic reaction occurs within 10-30 minutes, treatment with the herb should be abandoned.

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