Soul Splash | Eau d´Energie by Paul Divjak

Soul Splash | Eau d'Energie by Paul Divjak

Naturally pure revitalisation for body, mind and senses with a reduction to the essentials. This was Paul Divjak's artistic credo when composing the SOUL SPLASH fragrance elixir. The recipe? Of course, it was implemented in the spirit of the Saint Charles philosophy - to use proven natural ingredients and combine them with modern knowledge. But let's take it one step at a time...


Paul Divjak has been passionately devoted to the world of fragrances for many years, alongside literature, music and the visual arts.

Divjak's fascination with olfaction began in his early childhood. Equipped with a sensitive sense of smell and an obvious talent, he started collecting herbs, plants and woods in the garden of his family's summer house in Semmering at the age of seven, thrilled by the variety of pleasing fragrances.

At the same time, he began to develop a passion for the world of olfactory art.

Accompanied by the fact that one day his favourite perfume was no longer available and his increasing intolerance to synthetic ingredients, Divjak later turned his studio into a fragrance laboratory without further ado. He read everything he could get his hands on on the subject, exchanged ideas with international experts and began to distil, experiment and compose ...

In his search for a harmoniously effective blend of fragrances that could become a very special companion in everyday life: one that conveys joy, brightness and lightness, the recipe for SOUL SPLASH was clearly sketched out in his mind's eye one morning after waking up, the artist recounts: "Like the score for a piece of music describing a walk through a landscape flooded with light."

In his friend and pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann, Divjak found a congenial ally - one who believed in the innovative potential of SOUL SPLASH from the very beginning. Together they took further steps: The careful preparation at Saint Charles was now carried out in the tradition of over a hundred years of family pharmacist history.

SOUL SPLASH | 100% Organic Energizer

SOUL SPLASH is a natural fragrance elixir made from 100% natural ingredients. The core product - the Herbal Vitalizing Energizer - is a body spray. Whether applied to the face or body, SOUL SPLASH promotes normal concentration levels, energises and strengthens the body and mind.

It contains an exclusive fragrance combination of naturally pure essential oils from controlled organic farming and wild growth. This special blend gives Eau d'Energie its very special note and soothing properties.

The top notes of lemongrass, rosemary and basil give energy, while bitter orange, cajeput and lavender as heart notes have a clarifying and strengthening effect. As base notes, cedarwood and frankincense give confidence.

SOUL SPLASH | The right way to use

Myths and stories surround the correct use of SOUL SPLASH. In addition to the classic use as a body spray, there is also a special ritual for initiates and energy junkies in accordance with the slogan - A spritz can make your day. To do this, you stretch out your hand, spray two powerful pump puffs in the direction of your body and at the same time go into the natural fragrance cloud, inhaling and with your eyes closed. For true SOUL SPLASH fans, this is an effective morning ritual or whenever something needs to succeed or the soul is thirsty for positive energy.

Due to the enormous demand for the fragrance elixir, there is also a room spray, a sauna infusion and a fragrance essence in addition to the tried and tested body spray.

SOUL SPLASH is available at select partners, at Saint Charles Apothecary in Vienna and Berlin and at the Saint Charles Premiumstore.


"More bracing than a shot of espresso." Renée Price, NY Times Magazine.


"Recommendation: beauty tools for your handbag", Biorama
"Paul Divjak's fragrance creation has a very modest appearance, in the form of a bottle that one would expect to find in a chemist's cabinet rather than on a perfumery shelf ... The name of the fragrance: "Soul Splash". It combines stimulating rosemary with concentration-enhancing lemongrass, the lavender note helps against nervousness and basil with depression. And the oil of the Indonesian cajeput tree mobilises creativity and opens up for new ideas ..." Wolfgang Popp, Ö1 / Leporello
"The best of the world! Got myself two bottles again now. I love it!" Michaela, journalist
"Today is a Soul Splash day - I enjoy it ..." Barbara, diplomat
"Very sophisticated. Great soothing effect! Brings back memories of the Mediterranean summer!" Peter, Dancer
"Since I started using SOUL SPLASH, I go to work with more confidence and power. And jet lag and sleepiness after a social evening are no longer an issue ... - A great feeling!" Sabine, employee
"A great fluid! Actually, you should put a pipe there, directly on the Küniglberg ..." Martin, ORF employee

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