Alle Jahre wieder - Verpackungsmüll an Weihnachten

Here we are again - packaging waste at Christmas

Every year, the celebration of love also brings us ecological challenges. Whether gift wrapping, candles or Christmas decorations - Christmas leaves behind enormous amounts of waste every year. With a few easy-to-implement tips, however, we can easily contribute to a waste-reduced celebration and also do something good for the environment.

Plastic waste as a global problem

According to estimates, more than 100 million tonnes of plastic waste are already accumulating in our oceans, much of which is made up of packaging waste. Added to this is the longevity or poor degradability of plastic products, which can also contain plasticisers that are harmful to flora and fauna.

Giving Christmas joy in an environmentally friendly way

Environmental awareness already starts with the selection of gifts: Here it is especially important to choose such presents for our loved ones that are desirable and do not end up in the rubbish after a short time. The ideal choice is regional gifts, which have a shorter transport route and are best packaged with ecologically degradable materials. Careful packaging is also important - recyclable materials or cloth bags are suitable as wrapping paper. Avoiding plastic bows also helps the environment. For all Saint Charles online orders, we always make sure not to use excess cardboard or unnecessary packaging material. Many of our products are packaged in glass and can therefore be reused after use.

This means that we can also do something good for the environment by separating our waste conscientiously. Printed paper is usually recyclable and can go into the paper bin. On the other hand, paper with varnish or foil coatings, as well as paper with adhesive residues, should be disposed of in the residual waste or avoided altogether.

Saint Charles ships 100% plastic-free

At Saint Charles, environmental awareness is close to our hearts, and reliable as well as environmentally friendly product shipping is our top priority. In addition to the avoidance or reduction of plastic, we have set ourselves the goal of resource-saving production and biodegradability or recyclability for our packaging. From now on, all our parcels from the online shop will be sent exclusively in recycled shipping boxes and without plastic. You can find out more about this here.

With these tips, we wish you happy gift shopping and a wonderful pre-Christmas season!

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