Ätherisches Kräuterelixier
Ätherisches Kräuterelixier

Ätherisches Kräuterelixier

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According to ancient monastic tradition, essential herbs include elfdock, marshmallow, thyme, buckhorn, primrose, nettle-leaf mullein, fennel, star anise, sage and St. John´s wort. The warming and beneficial essential oils of these herbs can bring relief, for example, in the colder seasons and during heatwaves. In psychologically and mentally stressful situations or in cases of voice loss through extreme excitement or stress, the strength of these herbs can help pyschologically, to breathe again. Most of these herbs have warming properties due to their sun signatures, which is particularly beneficial in those foggy and dark seasons, and can also lift the mood.

Food supplement – herbal preparation according to ancient monastic tradition.

Water, alcohol, alanta, marshmallow, thyme, ribwort, key flower, royal candle, fennel, star anise, sage, St. John's wort
5 drops 3 x daily in water or undiluted.
5 drops 3 x daily in water or undiluted.

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