Effektiv: Reinigungsbalsam Limited Edition
Effektiv: Reinigungsbalsam Limited Edition

Effektiv: Reinigungsbalsam Limited Edition

Lightweight gel-to-milk cleansing balm

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The cleansing balm transforms into a gently cleansing and nourishing milk on damp skin. Ideal for cleansing in the morning and evening. The skin is effectively and gently cleansed of dirt particles, daily moisturiser, sunscreen and light make-up. What remains is refreshed skin that can breathe freely.

Sunflower oil, vegetable glycerine, Rügen chalk, olive oil, extracts of kidney vetch and birch leaves, apricot kernel oil, extract of marigold, peanut oil, sugar fatty acid esters, essential oils, wheat bran extract, sugar fatty acid esters, water, alcohol. *from natural essential oils
Apply a hazelnut-sized amount to a slightly moistened face in the morning and evening. Gently massage in the resulting milk and rinse off with lukewarm water.


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