Five Elements Duftkerzen in schwarzer Umverpackung
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Die Fünf Kerzen im Sinne der 5 Elemente vor weißem Hintergrund

Five Elements Duftkerzenset

Vegetable waxes, perfume

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The five ELEMENTS is the result of a collaboration between perfumer Pauline Rochas and multidisciplinary artist Tasya van Ree. Rochas explores healing through ancient wisdom and fragrance rituals, while van Ree's artwork is imbued with mystical messages and otherworldly elements. Both are inspired by the power of nature.

The five scented candles represent the five elements of nature: earth, water, air, fire and ether. When lit, these scents evoke a primal worship of the gods and the infinite mystery of Mother Earth.

Set of Five Scented Candles 5 x 70g

Pflanzliche Wachse, Parfum
For a better burning experience, the candle wick should be shortened before each use. The burning time is about 20 hours per candle.
All candles are made in France.


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