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Visibly rejuvenated skin

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The Glass Cupping Set paves the way to wrinkle-free, smooth and plump skin. And all of this is completely natural. The technique of cupping, which is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), brings about a visible rejuvenation of the facial skin. This massage ritual tightens facial contours, reduces puffiness and refines the appearance of the skin. Expression lines are relaxed and the skin takes on a rosy-fresh glow.

The cups are made of glass and have a stronger suction effect than silicone cups. The vacuum created when the cups are put on gently lifts, stretches and massages the skin. This stimulates the blood circulation and lymph, tightens the skin and releases tension. At the same time, the tissue is detoxified.

Set of 2 glass cupping heads with medical silicone balls in different sizes for face, eyes and lips.
Place on cleansed skin. The negative pressure (vacuum) created when the glasses are put on gently lifts, stretches and massages the skin.


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