Inner Sanctum Duftkerze

Inner Sanctum Duftkerze

Step past the crowd

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Go to a place where only a few are allowed. A place of private exchange and intimate moments.

The air flickers with spicy intrigue. As you delve deeper, the dim lights invite you to surrender to the lush and opulent. The leathery, smoky and carnal scent of Cypriol is an invitation to decadence. Patchouli evokes the sensual memory of an exotic past on the Silk Road.

The evening ends on a gentle note, while vanilla adds a seductive alcoholic sweetness to the heady atmosphere and palpable richness.

Inner Sanctum is the sacred place of imagination within yourself. Sharing is optional.

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove Buds, Cypriol, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla
For a better burning experience, shorten the candle wick before each use.
The burning time is about 50 hours. All candles are made in France and are made of semi-soft wax that releases the fragrance optimally.


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