Organic Hand & Body Wash Nº3 - neroli

Organic Hand & Body Wash Nº3 - neroli

Luxuriöse Reinigung und Pflege für jeden Tag

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Luxurious cleansing and indulgent care for every day.

Hand and body wash Nº3 - neroli is a moisturizing and mild washing lotion, rich in hydrosols, plant oils, extracts, essences and fresh plant juices from certified organic cultivation.

For face, body and hands

Perfect for hand washing or to be used as a gentle body wash for showering.

For gentle cleansing

A delight for the senses. Intensely moisturizing. Leaves the skin silky soft.


Orange Blossom* — delicately fresh, tender, floral and radiant aroma

Plant Oil

Aprikot Kernel Oil* — skin smoothing, anti-oxidant

Fresh Plant Juice

Aloe Vera* — moisturizing and skin soothing

Plant Water

Orange Blossom* and Rose* — balancing, skin calming

Plant Extract

Marigold* — skin soothing, calming irritated skin

*from certified organic cultivation

Apply by foaming up a little washing lotion and water in the palms of you hand and apply on damp skin. Rinse. Dry. And feel.

Suitable for every skin type.

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