Microgreens Starter-Kit
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Microgreens Starter-Kit

Everything to start with the kitchen garden

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The Heimgart Microgreens starter kit contains everything you need to start the kitchen garden project immediately: The porcelain germination tray, the stainless steel insert and 2 organic seed pads (DE-ÖKO-070) of the varieties rocket and garden cress.

All Heimgart components - from the germination tray to the seed pad - are manufactured and processed in Germany. The seeds are organically grown and certified just like the entire seed pad made of natural fibre fleece and wick. The shell measures 176 × 134 × 60 mm.


The porcelain germination tray, the stainless steel insert and 2 organic seed pads (DE-ÖKO-070) of the rocket and garden cress varieties
Pour water into the porcelain bowl specially developed for Heimgart by Seltmann Weiden. Then place the seed pads on the corresponding stainless steel insert, place the cultivation cover on top and wait. The microgreens do the rest all by themselves - no more watering necessary. The germination tray and insert can be used permanently and are dishwasher-safe. The seed pads can be composted or disposed of in organic waste.
As Heimgart Microgreens are young seedlings and not sprouts, they are only suitable for consumption above the roots.


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