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Stellaria Sinusbalsam MIXTUR N2

Beneficial care for your nose

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The special properties of the Stellaria Media plant in the nasal ointment Mixture №2 promote the deblocking of disturbances caused by environmental influences through application around and in the nose and on the forehead above the nasal side walls and thus contribute to the care and maintenance of the skin. It has a positive effect on frequent sniffing, inflammation of the nasal sinuses and obstructions to breathing. Also nasal polyps can recede.

The positive effect of Stellaria Media is further enhanced by the addition of ambergris.

Olea Europaea Oil, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cera Alba, Stellaria Media Extract, Alcohol, Aqua, Teucrium Marum Extract
Dr. Heike Sommer recommends a 2-3 times daily application.


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