Wanderlust Duftkerze

Wanderlust Scented Candle

Imagine a flaming city beyond the desert

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Imagine a flaming city beyond the desert.

Citrus notes offer a refreshing respite from the great sun that looms over the Red City. Powdery spices with their sensual warmth linger as you explore the secrets of the souk.

In hidden gardens in the heart of the medina, the signature scent of Marrakech unfolds - orange blossom. Together with sweet, sexy jasmine, they awaken a longing for the Orient.

Behind the pink walls of the city, a Berber crosses the desert, a lonely fire burns. Cedarwood brings woody, resinous warmth. Patchouli and musk awaken a longing.

Wander Lust is a pilgrimage to find oneself by crossing borders, exploring the unknown and discovering the mythical.

OLFAKTORICAL NOTES: mandarin, cumin, orange, cinnamon, jasmine, orange blossom, cedarwood, patchouli, musk.
For a better burning experience, shorten the candle wick before each use.
The burning time is about 50 hours. All candles are made in France and are made of semi-soft wax that releases the fragrance optimally.


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