Weingarten Handcreme

Weingarten Handcreme

Nährende Pflege für beanspruchte, raue Hände

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The Vineyard Hand Cream has a delicate fragrance of lemon-verbena & honey and moisturizes your hands intensively.

Our hands are daily exposed to many influences - they are in touch with many substances and get washed frequently.That’s why they need special treatment.

With dieNikolai's Vineyard handcream I have developed a nourishing care for rough skin. With its delicate lemon-verbena and honey fragrance, not only your hands but also your nose is taken care of.

What dieNikolai uses and how it works:

  • Cream: moisturizing & supports skin renewal process
  • Elder seed oil: protecting & soothing
  • Ghee: nourishing & supports the wound healing
Cream**, watery linden blossom extract**, alcohol**, Ghee**, emulsifier on rape seed oil basis, elder seed oil*, xanthan, honey-extract*, lemons verbena oil*, litsea oil*

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