Lavendel – Regional & vielfältig einsetzbar

Lavender - Regional & versatile

Lavender was voted medicinal plant of the year in 2020. The pleasantly aromatic smelling medicinal plant has been well researched in the past and contains over 250 ingredients. At Saint Charles, we love the "all-rounder" of aromatherapy and use lavender in many ways in our products. When selecting suppliers, regional origin and excellent (organic) quality are especially important to us. Recently, we have been sourcing Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender Hydrolate from Felslindenhof in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria). It doesn't get much more regional than that. Let's briefly take a closer look at "local" lavender and then introduce our Saint Charles products with lavender:

Lavender from the Waldviertel region

Organic, regional, handmade - these are the criteria our supplier must meet for us. Personal contact with our producers is essential for us. During Richard König's visit to Bernhard Knapp from Felslindenhof, it becomes clear what high demands are placed on the products. These include, among other things, that the raw materials must be of the highest quality and are predominantly certified organic. Four different varieties of lavender are grown in the fields and managed together with local farmers. Distilled directly on the farm itself with a distillery with 600 liters volume. Particularly proud of the Arzemittelqualität des Bio Lavendelöl vom Felslindenhof.

Lavender essential oil

The healing powers of lavender arise predominantly from the active ingredients in the essential oil. First and foremost, linyl acetate, which is not only responsible for the typical lavender scent, but also supports, among other things, the release of serotonin in the brain. In aromatherapy, the essential oil isolated from lavender flowers is considered an "all-rounder", as it is versatile, both alone and in mixtures with other essential oils. Our Lavender Organic essential oil is 100% naturally pure and comes from the Waldviertel region. The scent is described as sweet, floral-herbaceous with balsamic-woody undertones.

Lavender is also used in our 100% all-natural Stress Guard essential oil blend. We follow a proven formula from our pharmacy with frankincense, lavender and clary sage. In our Head Pain Guard blend, lavender works together with peppermint and eucalyptus. In our Anxiety Guard essential oil blend, lavender performs convincingly together with ylang-ylang, cedarwood and orange. The Mind Balance oil blend works with lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium and frankincense.

Another popular scent combination with lavender is our Soul Splash body spray. This naturally refreshing spray contains an exclusive fragrance combination of all-natural organic and wildcrafted essential oils. The special blend of lemongrass, sage and rosemary, lavender and cedarwood give the Eau d'Energie its very special touch and soothing properties.


Lavender Hydrolate

The pure lavender water of our Hydrolatum N°1 - Lavender is created during the steam distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia. Made in the lavender distillery at Felslindenhof with organic lavender from our own cultivation. For the hydrolate from the real lavender, both the flowers of the lavender and the essential lavender oil (0.5%) extracted from them are used. Our lavender hydrolate is perfect for skin care and face masks, as a refreshing facial shower or as a shaving or hair tonic. Learn more about lavender hydrolate here



Other Saint Charles products with lavender

Blended with chamomile and rose, our Tea N°7 - Rose-Lavender-Chamomile is particularly compelling for its savory notes. Delivered in a noble glass container, which adorns every kitchen and is also perfect as a gift.

Lavender is also ideal for smoking. As we know today, the disinfecting smoke has a germicidal effect. But the purifying power of smoke also gives inner harmony, vitality and confidence in their own strength. The incense blend Trimurti of incense, lavender and cardamom cleanses and takes away negative energies. We have also combined lavender together with sage, spruce and masterwort in our incense blend Cold. Learn more about the power of incense here.

Together with magnesium, lavender impresses in our Magnesium Body Scrub Relax and Detox. Combined with the essential oil of lavender and orange (Relax) and rosemary, frankincense (Detox), the natural scrub smells benevolent.

The essential oil of lavender also convinced us as a scent for our 100% natural Cream Deodorant N°2 Floral. The scent is comparable to a bouquet of wild lavender and is popular with both men and women. Learn more about natural deodorants here.

Traditional European Medicine (TEM) has been dealing with proven methods of herbal medicine for centuries. The Herbal Essence N°8 - Sleep complex is a high-quality plant extract consisting of hops, passionflower, valerian, hawthorn and lavender. The herbs used grow largely in the midst of the Bregenz forests, where they are carefully harvested by hand and freshly processed.

Resin, nature's wonder weapon, carries many healing agents and can be used for large and small wounds. Together with lavender, pitch ointment winter balm has an overall soothing effect when used topically.

Lavender is truly an "all-rounder." The scent of the pleasantly aromatic medicinal plants is appreciated by young and old. The products are available in all Saint Charles stores and pharmacies in Vienna and Berlin, as well as in the onlineshop of Saint Charles Apothecary.

Picture (from left to right): Managing Director Saint Charles Richard König, Bernhard Knapp from Felslindenhof.

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